Best Villain

Title:Best Villain

Author:Loss of Prince

Description:One day in 2025, Lingyi picked up an intelligent system made by aliens. The goal of this system is to cultivate the best villain. As a host, he has to go through the world of animation, movies, novels, games and so on to play the role of villain. Weber vilvey: a crooked and abducted manSpecial. Tong Gu and Ren, the black hand behind the world alone. The most insidious fraudster, Yin Yang master — tuyumen Yuanchun. Alan Yeager, the greatest traitor in the history of mankind. ——————System reward: if you kill or attack any character in the plot, you can get one of all the characters at randomItems or skills. In fact, Lingyi wants to be a good person.

Author: miven

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