Best bodyguard beauty

Title:Best bodyguard beauty

Author:Pentium de spray

Description:With the unique martial arts of Buddhism, he became the bodyguard of a playful lady in the Tang Dynasty. What can the protagonist do as a bodyguard? The master said, “young Xia, if you want to, all my Wang family is yours!” Wang family three rare, “Yi elder brother, that zuixiang building has a new girl, or?” People in the Wulin have met“Alliance leader, come out on duty again The abbot of Shaolin said, “benefactor, when do you think it’s convenient to take over my position as Abbot?” Foreign countries see, “great Xia, spare your life, we are also the people of the Tang Dynasty!” The protagonist Lin Yi: “don’t make trouble, I’m just the lady’s bodyguard…” the arrival of a baby who doesn’t belong to this era willWhat changes will it bring to this era? It’s going with the flow and vanishing in the crowd. Or to meet the difficulties and create a legend? If you think “the best bodyguard beauty”

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