bear in mind forever

Title:bear in mind forever

Author:Star sword morning sky

Description:At 9:00 p.m. on September 23, 2033, the earth faced the most brilliant meteor shower ever. Countless dark green meteorites cut through the sky and fell from the sky. Six plates were smashed into pieces, and even the moon was smashed down into the Pacific Ocean. That night, tsunami, volcano, earthquake, tornado and typhoon swept across the earthGlobally, more than 8 billion people have evaporated in an instant. The remaining survivors have no time to mourn for the dead. Countless surviving animals have mutated, and countless mutated animals have begun to fight each other, including predation of human beings. The survivors called it “cataclysm” that night. There are only a few infections in humansBut the rate of variation of animals is very high, so the surviving human beings are nearly extinct three times,

Author: miven

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