Baidu people

Title:Baidu people

Author:A lamp curls in the sky

Description:Twenty years ago, a secret journey of / /. Longtengx. Was made up of grave robbers, feng shui masters, Yin Yang masters, Maoshan warlocks and Baidu people with rare identities. However, their trip was very dangerous. Almost all of them were destroyed. In the end, only a few people came out, and all of them were physically disabled.Twenty years later, by a coincidence, six pieces of: / / / longtengx. Mysteries appeared one after another, setting off a wave of treasure hunting again. What makes countless people so crazy? How many weird things are there? Can they walk out of the predicament safely under the leadership of Baidu people? dense fogAfter all, the veil of darkness has been lifted layer by layer. What will be the final outcome? Let’s take a look at the unknown Baidu person: / / / longtengx

Author: miven

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