Back to ancient times to be emperor

Title:Back to ancient times to be emperor

Author:Floating in the rain

Description:The flames of war and the smoke of wolves rise, and the horse and whip are used to protect the family and the country. If you offend me, you will be punished! Building treasure ships, sailing, riding the wind and breaking the waves, startling all nations. All around China, Congratulations! We can’t do without one of them. We can’t do without one of them. This imperial dynasty was revived by the political reform of the people’s Republic of China! First, we should cultivate and develop,Reserve grain for the army, and then fight against Khitan. Nuzhen, Koryo and Annan will be trampled on by me! (many readers ask why there is no group of readers. In fact, there are only a few. 490818669)

Author: miven

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