Back in the Song Dynasty, I am zhe Zong

Title:Back in the Song Dynasty, I am zhe Zong

Author:Chubby wolf claws

Description:After falling into the sea, I went back to the Northern Song Dynasty and became song zhezong. I’ll see how I can turn the tide and get rid of the extremely weak. I’ll go to the north to conquer Liao, West to annihilate Xixia, Nanping Dali, step down Tubo, command my troops to the West, and raise the power of China to the top of the world. What, how many generals are there in the Song Dynasty? How about Yu Qilin, Lu Junyi, leopard head, Lin ChongLike, double whip huyanzhuo, do you think it’s ok? Start your brain and think about it, see how my Chinese iron riding dominates the world

Author: miven

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