Baby dragon’s best nanny

Title:Baby dragon’s best nanny

Author:Yan Xiao

Description:When he was caught by the Dragon King as a nanny, he had to take care of dragon eggs. Dragon born nine sons, each has its own characteristics, such as spitting fire, running wild, spitting smoke These nine little dragons are not a toss. If we want to teach them piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, we have to prevent thieves from stealing eggs. The task of nanny seems to be easy and loving, but in factThis article is not a passage, not an ancient one. It can also pass through the ancient times. 】In a word, pure, fictional, chaotic, beautiful. PS, don’t think about it!!! t_ T new book “married not from husband” November PK, for pink tickets, please click on the recommendation: / / / longtengxProduct link voting. Thank you. Thank you~~

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