Astral consciousness

Title:Astral consciousness

Author:Wind plume

Description:In the nuclear reactions of stars, the signals that can carry out group quantum entanglement are constantly expanding After sleeping for a long time, the hazy consciousness wakes up in the violent wave of energy Who am I Me, the star? The development of civilization, interstellar war, the leap of the universe Start with a small cell?No, let’s start with the birth of stars. It’s not a world crossing player, it’s not a player with its own system. There is no gorgeous magician, there is no ability to ignore science. This is a scientific and wonderful story, which takes you to witness the development story of a distant stellar system and those: / / / longTengx. Qi’s life evolution. The new consciousness of stars has set foot on the long road of unknown goal The first step is to overcome the stellar gravity! good

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