Armored warrior Xingtian rebirth method

Title:Armored warrior Xingtian rebirth method

Author:Life after life

Description:Mark, the bully of modern high school truancy, died in the process of truancy. He jumped from a building and trudged from class. He was forced to fall to pieces and died in the hospital. In the end, he returned to the world of the armored warrior. However, he never thought whether he was the armored warrior or not. He was not human and became the main force of the armored warriors: Road method. Get a beautiful woman. I’m afraid he was scared to death before he got the appearance. Finally, mark died and chose to live, because the netherworld Legion has been resurrected for the third time (once in the World War). In the face of the experienced armor warriors, what should mark do when he dies?

Author: miven

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