Armor the armor of the warrior

Title:Armor the armor of the warrior

Author:Six point pit

Description:In the distant starry sky, there is a continent called golden light. In this continent, people’s way of training is very special. From chest armor, to arm armor, to knee armor, and then to the whole body, they gradually cultivate a pair of armor. People call them armor warriors! There are soldiers, soldiers, captains, schools, generals, marquis, kings, emperors and emperorsTen levels of God! A thousand years ago, the bright front led by the golden light God and the dark front led by the shadow God fought for a Sacred Armor in ancient times for a hundred years. No one on both sides could help but not fight. The legendary Sacred Armor disappeared in the war! Five hundred years later, an organization called the sons of darkness went aroundThey plunder and kill the descendants of the God armour warriors who were injured in the war, but they don’t know why they did it? One night, a group of people in black robes

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