Apocalyptic power master

Title:Apocalyptic power master

Author:People in Nanshan

Description:In 2022, the Mayans predicted the end of the world for ten years. At the dawn of October 20, a sudden cosmic storm quickly and ferociously swept the whole earth, and the animals and plants on the earth mutated one after another. And humans, one after another, awaken their powers! This day has been turned into a dark day by later generations.From then on, mankind entered the age of powers! Su Li, however, when everyone was in a panic to arm himself and snatch resources, was glued to the desk he had never touched after the college entrance examination. He was crazy about writing books. In one dark year, where did the most resources come? In two dark years, it seemed that the base city of Mordor had just been established. Do you want to get a head in Kunlun mountainAnimals play

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