Apocalyptic chemist

Title:Apocalyptic chemist

Author:Dragon, ghost and snake

Description:With the outbreak of K virus, 90% of the world’s population has become zombies or been hunted by zombies in a short period of time. Only 800 million human beings live on the 510 million square kilometers of the earth. In addition, there are countless zombies and mutated organisms, land, sea and air, which hunt and kill the remaining human beings all the timeFang Jinyan, a chemistry major, has no guns and ammunition, no tanks and cannons, and only a brain of chemical knowledge. Let’s see how he uses chemical knowledge to struggle for survival in this monstrous and sinister world, and to reach the peak… (this book is progressive and super powerful, but it won’t beIt’s too exaggerated, and it won’t become mysterious. Don’t enter if you don’t like it. It’s nothing if you enter. You’ll find that it’s really good-looking.)

Author: miven

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