Apocalyptic Armory

Title:Apocalyptic Armory

Author:Lonely moonlight

Description:In A.D. 2o21, the zombie crisis exploded. Ordinary college student Yu Yan experienced all this, but he had a unique armory in the world, opening a different end of life. This is M1911, which has been improved for five times. It is used by police all over the world. The ammunition capacity is 6, which is suitable for medium and short distanceBlow up the head of a zombie. This colt Python has a large caliber left wheel and is as powerful as a small automatic rifle. If you’re interested in the wonderful brain circuits in the hard back of an evolved C2 zombie, it can help you. The golden sand eagle is a limited edition. However, look at you and me in troubled timesIt’s really fate, a friendly price, 2 million yuan! Hey, don’t hurry. 199999 is OK. Would you like to pay by card or cash,

Author: miven

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