Apocalypse of the universe

Title:Apocalypse of the universe

Author:be a veteran in battle

Description:Magnetic field and aura, dissimilation gene and supernatural power, golden elixir and God particle, indestructible spirit and immeasurable quantum What is the relationship between them? Did the gods and ghosts in myths and legends ever exist, and where have they gone now? Atlantis sleeping in the sea, Huaxu ancient country in the sinkhole, moon backThe bloody wasteland, the five cities on the 12th floor among Jupiter There are too many secrets hidden in this vast universe, and there are also infinite beings. When human beings realize that they are just a group of ants in the universe, a new journey begins. It seems that everything in the future will be unfolded in the direction of the “star sea”. howeverBut now, this road is full of the footprints left by our predecessors. The new journey seems to be just a way home. A way to death and destruction.

Author: miven

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