Another flight of star travels

Title:Another flight of star travels

Author:Hook up agreement

Description:Many years ago, a man in red declared to the whole universe: deep in the supermassive black hole that can devour everything, there is a miracle place called Rainbow sea. There are precious stones everywhere, gold flows like a river, and most importantly, there are countless colors of huge rainbows in the air, which can realize any wish of people. coverThis wonderful depiction attracts people from all corners of the universe to follow the man in red. But this huge fleet never came back. Rainbow sea is regarded as the most detestable lie, and the man in red named Merlin is called “red devil” by later generations. Ten years later, Merlin’s son, MerlinWhen growing up as a teenager on earth, in order to fulfill the promise made by my father, I am determined to set out again to find the rainbow sea which is regarded as a lie. McDonnell relied on his father’s legacy

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