Anode is holy

Title:Anode is holy

Author:The river is endless

Description:In ancient times, the God of chaos split heaven and earth with great powers, forming two spaces of yin and Yang. From then on, all things were divided into five elements, and they went back and forth! Thirty thousand years ago, all the chaotic spirits broke out a great war in the strange world created by them. The magic world was defeated and was sealed in the place of Jueyin! In the wild and ancient forestOrphan Yang Chen, step by step in the growth, found himself in a huge conspiracy, but also analyzed the mystery of yin and Yang in the world! How can an unknown child integrate the five elements, transform Yin and Yang, break the seal and build a free and equal world! The most bizarre life experience! The most powerful enemy! The hottest battle! All in the world´╝ü To contact the author, please add wechat jly695824039

Author: miven

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