Angels fall from the abyss

Title:Angels fall from the abyss

Author:Cold star moon sky

Description:Well, well What I need to say is that maybe I used to be obsessed with online novels, and I used to fantasize that I could travel across the world, but [I really haven’t heard of sleeping and waking up to find myself locked in a giant water tank, even chained hands and feetI don’t know. Not to mention the sudden change: / / / longtengx. A girl with black long straight, blue left pupil and black right pupil was stabbed by an angel girl with silver hair and armor. She was unconscious Maybe you’ll say it’s bullshit; well, anyway, I’ve always been a liarI think it’s just a dream. ] …… (scenario extraction) [“Oh But I can’t tell you who I am. If you really want to know, take this one

Author: miven

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