Angel inventor

Title:Angel inventor

Author:A sea of stars on a frosty night

Description:Zeng Muzi is a 14-year-old boy with a poor peasant family. Because of his kindness, he got a higher civilization. He specially used the nano robot triangle to change the level of science and technology of the earth and the progress of civilization, and his body was transformed. Since then, he has the ability that ordinary people don’t have. So as to realize some theoretical verification that he had been doubting before,He invented a series of high-tech products and became the largest Justice Force leader in the world. He publicized the goodness of human nature, and later supported the development of science and technology of the country, making the country stand on the top of the world. Finally, under the leadership of Huaxia, the earth realized no war. Human beings really get rid of the drag of war and speed up the warThe progress of civilization has been accelerated. In the process, he used high-tech products to achieve his goal through twists and turns. The protagonist leads his team to the depths of the universe to mine mineral resources. During this period, he encounters various dangers,

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