Andromeda of the star boundary

Title:Andromeda of the star boundary

Author:Gravitational storm

Description:On the eve of his graduation from MIT, Huo Tianyu, on a trip to Las Vegas, accidentally got a mysterious purple crystal, which unexpectedly changed his brain region. From then on, Huo Tianyu made great efforts in science, but what happened in reality made him realize that the world is complexAnd the dark, a technology that breaks the current technological barriers, falls into the hands of an ordinary company, even if there is a patent, can altruism be preserved? Nikola Tesla, did he keep his patent on alternating current? The government will definitely use the legal gaps and the pretext of endangering the national security belt to nationalize. From then on, Huo Tianyu,I’m not willing to be held empty by others. I’m working hard…. Huo Tianyu grinned as he reached the peak of civilization overlooking these countries on the earth. Looking back at the stars…

Author: miven

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