Ancestral house

Title:Ancestral house

Author:Two bullets

Description:Chicheng in the mood of depression, meet beautiful sexy, but there are many unknown past bright. Liangliang takes him to “ask rice”, and the third mother-in-law says that it is difficult for him to hit the peach blossom, indicating that he will go back to the ancestral house to investigate. So he contacted the cynical second child and naive Xiaoling to go back home together. It turns out that the ancestral house has a secretIt’s related to a black meteorite from the mountain lake behind the village. All the family members have been uprooted. Chicheng couldn’t find the black meteorite all the time, but “lingyigu” finally jumped into the mountain lake to protect them. Before he died, he asked Chicheng to find the members of the ancestral house. Back in Zhaoqing, just when the floating body was found in Xinghu, Chen Xiangtuo, a forensics doctor, rushed to ChengxieTo help investigate the case. With the progress of the case, the discovery of floating corpse involved a game of “killing pen Fairy” many years ago, and the forensic doctor Chen and the third mother-in-law died one after another

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