Alliance of warlords, meditation at the end

Title:Alliance of warlords, meditation at the end

Author:Snowflake glass

Description:The night is dark, the wind is high, and the silver thunder breaks the sky. From the creator God who sleeps millions of years ago, he came to the future universe and made friends with ray, Gaia, Cassius, Blake and other kind elves. Darkness also comes at random, hot blood sprinkled on the battlefield. Though life comes with sin, though the soul sometimes comes with sinHate each other, although growing up sometimes will produce hostility, although some dreams will become arrogant, although some wishes will have flaws, although sometimes fate will be devoured by profanity. Although hope will disappear in death, we have no fear, we will never retreat. Let this song ring from heaven and earth, will be for usPluck up courage, will guide us. Will spread wings, for the heart of that real desire.

Author: miven

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