All flowers are in full bloom

Title:All flowers are in full bloom

Author:Rooster pecks ink when drunk

Description:Proud, proud blood is now, TIANYAO life smile. It’s hard to fall in love if you don’t get into life for nine days. She can’t smile, because she is the embodiment of the rule of “flowers are not fully open”. A smile will be fully open, and fully open will die. Her roots are rooted in Jiutian fairyland by Empress Nu Wa. If she smiles, she can return to ten years of floweringOnly before reincarnation, half of her flower souls trapped in the purgatory of heaven punishment were hit by thunder punishment, so that she could also gain the strength of big eight heaven realm… In order to find his whereabouts, she laughed so many times, and finally her soul was scattered in the world! In order to save her, she went back to nine days alone? Love between human beings and immortals? People and ghosts´╝č All can be conceived casually, but what about the regular love of people in this book? Who else can imitate a book that has been conceived for five years, maybe there are still regrets, but the flowers are not in full bloom

Author: miven

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