Alien in the sky

Title:Alien in the sky

Author:Brother pineapple

Description:I started the title of the book. I wanted to use it myself. I also participated in the design. I can’t miss what I like. ——Xiaoqi school, the city of the sky, the alien of the sky! When the mysterious youth starts the brain domain, obtains the superhuman energy, becomes the God of the sky, and asks who can resist! In memoryLaboratory, the hardship of growth, the secret of parchment When the years go through the vicissitudes, draw a sword to the sky, tell the sky, I am the strongest! However, in the war, who can play a bagpipe to revive the distant dream? Childhood, youth, youth, prime, love, youth, killing! Tangled together, condensedThis is a legend! A legend of the Lord of the sky! Jackfruit fans: 138221367 welcome to join, personal QQ:478848997,

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