Aegis traitor

Title:Aegis traitor

Author:Autumn is not fading

Description:A defected aegis agent of level 5 attracted the pursuit of experts from all walks of life. Hawk Eye was sent home first; Coulson was the second one to go back home; Hei duo and Fu chased each other to get together! Caught on the way A little Skye; the one with a metal arm on itWhere’s the guy with a red star on his face! In Afghanistan, I met the first generation iron man, who was struggling to get out of trouble. I learned from a powerful man that I had a magic baby. Then I gradually participated in all kinds of confused heroic events as a non aegis agent Such a life of defection is really possible! (main)The movie of marvel, the movie of universe, and the derivative TV series “agents of Aegis”. Even if other level heroes appear, they will not be involved in the main line for the time being. In addition, “steel 1” plot

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