Addiction to military marriage

Title:Addiction to military marriage

Author:Xuan Qiqi

Description:She is a college counselor who has just stayed in school to teach, a mentor of students, or a part-time nanny. He is a cold faced and black bellied colonel. He is a typical soldier. He is extremely brave and domineering. An Oolong incident, two people have entangled, she thought that will not see again, but this man has been around herI’m wandering. What’s more surprising is that a painting that has been in use for five years, why does the person in the painting never know her? Fragment 1: Luo Weiran: “we are not suitable!” Feng Zhaoyong: “wrong, inappropriate, I has the final say!” A woman’s mouth twitched. That year, when you inexplicably intruded into my life, don’t think about itLeave Feng Zhaoyong: you are mine, even if you don’t love me now, so what? Sooner or later, you will love me and only me. Luo Weiran: after fleeting time

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