Abyss first aid

Title:Abyss first aid

Author:The wizard of the world

Description:Is it the creator’s punishment? Or nature’s self-cleaning? Are the dead alive? Is the world desperate? Is our future still bright? Is love a power at the end of the world? Is human nature evil or good? Guns, ammunition, survival. The margin is deep and shallow,Abyss first aid! Chinese culture is broad and profound. Yin Yang and five elements, disaster relief! (some readers feel that the first three chapters are a bit of a procrastination, and the fourth chapter is very exciting. I’ll give you a unified answer. The first three chapters are to pave the way for the outbreak of the plot in the later stage. Please wait patiently, and your expectations will not fallIt’s empty! Thank you for your support! Next, more wonderful! Please read the first three chapters patiently! More exciting later)

Author: miven

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