Absolute violence

Title:Absolute violence

Author:The prodigal son of the border town

Description:With the development of human science and technology, the earth’s resources are gradually exhausted. In order to solve the problem of survival and reproduction, human beings begin to migrate to other planets. However, new planet resources are still scarce. The scattered warship clusters are still unable to find more resources. The huge population has brought serious hidden resources, but the search brigade can not return in a short timeAs a result, the ninth continent has become almost the whole of human life. The protagonist, Li Dalong, is imprisoned in the famous star prison, black spider, where criminals are only provided with three hours of online time every day. Originally born with great assassin talent, he has to help others because he is poorWith money, but it makes him involved in the most unpopular areas of the game, so a generation of geeks came out, people block killing, Buddha block killing, wife came to kill

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