Abduct Tang Seng

Title:Abduct Tang Seng

Author:Oranges are not oranges

Description:Because of a strange bracelet, Xiao Xiao was brought to the world of journey to the West. Journey to the west is clearly not like this… Xiao Xiao thought. Tang Seng is not a beautiful man, Zhu Bajie is fat or strong, Sha Wujing is honest and honest… What ghost… Tang Seng is a beauty with a dark bellyMale? Is Zhu Bajie a strong and honest young man? Is Sha Wujing a cunning and treacherous Sao Nian? What is this? … Tang Monk: “Xiao Xiao, master is very weak, you have to protect me.” Xiaoxiao: “pig Bajie:” Xiaoxiao, I want to eat meat… “Xiao Xiao: “I also want to go, let’s eat meat!” Sha Wujing: “Xiaoxiao, I don’t want to carry my luggage

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