A unique vein

Title:A unique vein


Description:The way of heaven is merciless, and all living beings are regarded as mole ants. However, the change of Dayan is also affectionate, so it is necessary to leave one. The people of the world want to seize this unique opportunity, means emerge in endlessly. A thousand opportunities, a thousand changes, a strange way of fighting. Fight with heaven and earth, see through the way of heaven and turn the universe. Fight with demons, three secret techniques to kill evil body.Against ghosts and ghosts, the word “aoyi” will destroy their power. As opposed to all things, the way of Qimen is life and death. Plan in the strategy, win in a thousand miles away. However, what is really terrible is not these, but people’s heart! All things have traces to find, but it is difficult to predict the human heart. A real human heart duel starts here

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