A thousand tragedies of Oriental Fantasy

Title:A thousand tragedies of Oriental Fantasy

Author:Crazy Lin

Description:There are many mysterious things in this world that ordinary people don’t understand, such as ghosts and spirits Compared with monsters, there are many ghosts. The appearance of demons and ghosts, also naturally someone to surrender. The world is not only human, but also theirs. The balance of yin and Yang is the most important. And don’t try to carveSee them intentionally, and don’t disturb them in some way. There are still many ghosts and spirits who are kind, so don’t be so afraid. The significance of Lin qianshang’s existence is to maintain the balance of yin and Yang in the world, order in the world, frighten all spirits, save the world, help people, educate them, and prevent them from harming the worldCharcoal – this has always been his mission. He exists as a God to protect the world, but since a hundred years ago, his spiritual power has begun to dissipate, and now even has become a reality

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