A thousand cherry trees in the Imperial Palace

Title:A thousand cherry trees in the Imperial Palace

Author:Autumn feathers fall at dusk

Description:April is the time for cherry blossoms to fall. In the blue sea and cloud world of Yan lingting, he stepped on the path of cherry blossoms. Qianbenying, like his name, pursues his own direction in Qianfeng. Different rotten wood white, unchanging thousand Sakura, in the world of death to start another story.The glory of the rotten wood family, the dignity of the sixth team of the Ling court (I’m used to reading fantasy science fiction frequently. Please also take a look at Qiu Yu’s novels. The stories are based on noble glory. They don’t lose the rational ideas of modern people, such as venting, depression, pain, sadness, love and resentment. The God of death also has a life. Don’t click inHave a look?)

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