A reborn Emperor

Title:A reborn Emperor

Author:Attacking Guizi village at night

Description:At the end of the world, despicable human nature burst out in the catastrophe of the end of the world. The ugliness of human nature can not be released under the suppression of the law. However, in the end of the world, there is no law to speak of. In the new world, the ugliness that is hard to suppress bursts out. The strong is respected and the weak is the law of the jungle. It has become the only law of the end of the world Zhang HaoJie was the only king of the opposite sex in the last Shenwei Empire, the king of war. He made great contributions to the Shenwei empire. He was also a brother of a different surname with the emperor of Shenwei. However, he was suspected by the emperor of Shenwei because he was so successful that he joined hands with the other three kings to kill Zhang Haojie in the palace of Zhanwang, and slaughtered all the doors of the palace of Zhanwang. With that great resentmentZhang Haojie was born again on the eve of the end of the world A war song of the last time is flying. I will never forget this hatred in the past and this life. I will be emperor in this life!

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