A miracle through the sail

Title:A miracle through the sail

Author:Dream cocoa

Description:Three thousand cultivation once broken, the flowers of time and space bloom on the other side Darkness binds the heart of light, and former friends are enemies On the way home slowly, sad tears, joys and sorrows, a dream As an ancient creature of the earth, he was buried by Hongmeng of his own contract. When he met again, he would meet again. When he lost his memory again, he would be sad! In the past, when a good friend did not know each other, he turned to be the enemy, sad; when he was lost in the dark, he could not find light, sad; when he believed in hope, he brought despair, sad Hongmeng and chaos transcend space and stay out of time It’s not time, but Myself  I hope you still remember that sentence – forever friend! I have engraved it in my heart As long as my heart is still beating for a second, even if I am no longer in front of you

Author: miven

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