A martial arts expert struggling in the last days

Title:A martial arts expert struggling in the last days

Author:Kuzhu sect leader

Description:He came to the world of martial arts and became a plot character at random. He got a unique skill and shouldered half a life of disaster. In Xiaoao, I walk alone for thousands of miles. It’s a set of sabre techniques that make me carry the bad name of stealing jade and incense. I’ve been chased and killed again and again, and I’m very poor. The master of archery, a pair of empty hands, wants me to live in Mobei for 18 yearsI’m dead. I’m dead. The leader of the Dragon sect in Luding, who is like chanting a curse all the way, asked me to wear a unique hat and kill me However, it seems that Wu Youliang lost his life, dignity and status in the end of the fierce beast I used to whip a famous horse because I was drunkAmorous Miss Beauty — my second brother Wu has made many beauties fall in love one day. If you think that “struggling in the end of the Wulin master” is not enough

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