A lonely and proud detective

Title:A lonely and proud detective

Author:Sherlock hair

Description:The novel mainly focuses on the protagonist he Yuming’s use of deductive reasoning to solve strange cases repeatedly. Through his detective life, you can not only improve your thinking ability, so that you can have a detective like smart mind, but also learn how to behave from the book, pry into other people’s inner world, and it also includes loveIn all aspects of emotion, motivation, through the story in the book, you will be able to solve all kinds of doubts or problems you encounter in your life, and become an excellent you. Most of the cases in the novel are based on the prominent social problems and complex human nature. On the other hand, the most cunning gang leaders in history are constantly makingOn the one hand, the detective like Sherlock Holmes is constantly solving the case and fighting with each other. The two play an epic intellectual duel! But with the addition of a man in black,

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