A journey to the end

Title:A journey to the end

Author:Please call me an orange

Description:When Chu Tian woke up, he found that the world had come to an end The G virus has invaded the whole earth in a short period of time, and 90% of the world’s human beings have been infected and become zombies who only know how to eat. There are countless organisms infected by viruses, land, sea, air, they keep killing humans. Human beings willHow to struggle… What? You have money? Millions, millions? How much is a packet of biscuits worth? School flowers, white-collar beauties, police flowers and hot girls are just playthings of the strong in the face of the crisis and food of the last days. In the end, the law of the jungle will be interpreted incisively and vividly. How Chutian was in the endstruggle……

Author: miven

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