A journey across time and space

Title:A journey across time and space

Author:Songs of dreams

Description:”Is a house without love still called a house?” “Justice? What is that thing? ” “Even without a good ending, I want to be a hero.” “The law of the jungle, natural selection!” “Before judging others, please look at yourself first. There is nothing good in the world. You and I are all guilty people.” “Offend meDestroy all his people “Not all people can be redeemed, some people are happy, some people are painful, and the ending of making all people happy will not exist Now I just want to make the people I care about happy, that’s all You have your pursuit, I have my faith; you have your desire, I have my persistence. idealThe moment of confrontation, the moment of belief confrontation Everything, talk with the sword in your hand! This is a traveler’s journey in the world, and also a group of travelers in the world

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