A collection of apocalyptic bullshit

Title:A collection of apocalyptic bullshit

Author:Flying Dutch hat

Description:This is a cosmic magnetic storm. After the overlap of potential planes, the magnetic storm is caused by the non fusion of potential plane laws. It will instantly sweep the whole overlap area of potential planes, burn most of the electronic equipment in the area, and make all electronic instruments completely invalid! ” The silent Li Fan suddenly began to speak. And as he spoke, he walked to the platform.  ”In other words, in this overlapping area of planes, your mobile phones, computers, air conditioners, even lighting lamps, and all the electrical appliances that are inseparable from life will be paralyzed. That will be a Primitive, dark, barbaric and bloody last human society Li Fan looked at the confused people and couldn’t help itGot a sigh: “it seems you still don’t understand.” He shook his arms and made a gesture of embracing the world. “The end of the world is over

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