A bloody song

Title:A bloody song

Author:Shi Wen

Description:An unremarkable earthquake has led to the underground: / / / longtengx. Secret matter sweeping the world, opening up the era of mutation and evolution of all things. The secret substance, / / / longtengx, which has been unanimously named as X virus by scientists all over the world, has extremely little effect on human beings, and human beings are reduced to human beingsAbandoned son of heaven, more and more powerful monsters are sweeping the world, and the weapons of human beings are gradually insufficient to protect themselves. In order to survive, the wisdom of human beings bursts out again. Some people break through their own limits between life and death, and their combat power is unparalleled. Some people use their weapons to the top and reap their lives. Some people have fantastic ideasSome people develop the characteristics of everything, which is close to magic alchemy,: / / / longtengx. It’s wonderful. Some people use monster genes to fuse themselves,

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