2035 Savior

Title:2035 Savior

Author:In my dream

Description:This is not only a wonderful novel of fierce battle, but also a funny romance novel, a mysterious novel of machine battle, and a realistic novel that is thought-provoking! Here are the reality of the campus, the darkness of the underworld, the coldness of the bodyguards, the blood of the army, the magic of powers, and the advancement of robots Who can think of itThe greatest enemy of mankind is the most casual existence In 2035, the world’s strongest human research and development center was attacked, virus leakage occurred, and human beings are facing extinction crisis! Sixty years later, a super soldier with the ultimate optical brain crossed time and space to try to change history. Due to the immaturity of the technology, it was spread to 2015, and the drama became popularThe dramatic scene happened, the omnipotent soldier was unable to adapt to the polluted air and died in an unmanned alley. Before he died, he was forced to give the light brain and task to a third rate teacher

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