2.0 in the seed war

Title:2.0 in the seed war

Author:Baozi agent

Description:A galactic police transport ship with 30000 power seeds unexpectedly disintegrated over the earth due to the destruction of interstellar terrorists, and 30000 power seeds scattered all over the earth. Chen Yu was very lucky (unlucky) to be selected as a glorious galactic police, and was ordered to collect all the scattered power seeds in five yearsThe power seed on earth. Because of the scattered seeds of powers, a large number of powers are produced on the earth. These powers have both good and evil. At the same time, the earth careerists, alien smugglers and interstellar terrorists who are lurking in the dark come on the stage one after another. For their own ideas and interests, they launch a series of chaos fights between black technology and powersAnd the protagonist Chen Yu, no matter the other party is just or evil, will defeat them to recover the seeds, otherwise the earth will be wiped out by the galaxy police fleet in five years, time, no matter

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